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Fini Donates Pelosi Precious “Michelangelo. La Dotta Mano”

Marina Melchionda (February 20, 2009)
Italian American politician Nancy Pelosi visits Italy after Obama’s election. The President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini donates to her a copy of the rare and precious book “Michelangelo. La Dotta Mano” by FMF

 Last December the book Michelangelo. La Dotta Mano was presented for the first time at the New York Public Library. Published by the Marilena Ferrari Foundation, it has been printed in only 33 copies, to be sold worldwide at the price of 100.000 euro (approximately 13.000 USD)

The book in question is inspired by Michelangelo's sculptures but is itself a true work of art. Its cover is a marble bas-relief stand reproducing the Madonna della Scala (Madonna of Steps) by Michelangelo. The stone comes from the quarries of Polvaccio, the same place where the Renaissance artist chose the marble for his statues. The book also features silk velvet materials and prints, details that make it a piece of rare value.

This, however, was not the only gift she received on that occasion. Shortly afterward, Mr. Fini handed her the birth certificates of her grandfather and great-grandmother. "I am proud to be of Italian descent. There are three qualities that I attribute to the people of this country: courage, determination and optimism. They led Italians to America, giving them the chance to contribute enormously to the development of the United States."

Her visit in Italy is favorably viewed by a majority of Italian political representatives, although the Center-Right government was very close to the Bush Administration. For instance, Hon. Amato Berardi (a member of Prime Minister Berlusconi’s coalition) declared: “U.S. Speaker Pelosi’s visit here in Italy is certainly significant for our country. We look at Obama’s America as a traditional and new ally at the same time. We wish the new President the best of luck in the fulfillment of his goals, especially in this period of deep economic recession. I consider his delegate Pelosi a sort of Ambassador of Friendship."

Indeed the speech “Strong Allies for a Secure Future” that Mrs. Pelosi gave at Montecitorio was focused on the strong, special relationship between Italy and the US: “The United States of America find in Italy their best ally within NATO. On Saturday I visited the Aviano Air Base and there I saw the tangible expression of this cooperation (..). I would also like to thank Italian troops for their incredible work in Afghanistan on behalf of President Obama, who hopes that this will be a long-lasting cooperation. However, there is no way that he will establish a policy that then imposes upon others obligations for which they have no consultation.  He will be a change also in this regard.”