Made of Italians: Go Back Home With Expo Milano 2015

Natasha Lardera (July 02, 2014)
Expo Milano 2015 has planned a special welcome to all Italians living abroad and all foreign citizens of Italian origin to experience an exciting return to their homeland. The “Made of Italians” initiative, which was launched across the world on June 2nd, and represented parallel to the Fancy Food Show, offers travelers and visitors special rates for travel to Italy and exceptional discounts

Milan's Expo 2015 (May 1- October 31, 2015) is going to be the largest global event organized on the theme of food. “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” will be a once in a lifetime experience and visitors will be able to experience, all in one place, the culture, the history, the innovations and the food of over 130 participating countries.

New York City has just hosted a large event as well, actually the country's biggest food trade show, the Summer Fancy Food Show, so there was no better moment to present the expo one more time and also introduce some of its special programs.

That's why the Consul General of Italy in New York, Min. Natalia Quintavalle and The Director for North America of the Italian National Tourist Board, Eugenio Magnani, in the company of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forest Policies for Italy, Maurizio Martina, the Director for Institutional Affair of EXPO Milano 2015, Roberto Arditti, and the Event Management General Director of EXPO Milano 2015, Piero Galli introduced, at eataly's La Scuola, the Expo's project “Made of Italians.”

“Made of Italians is an initiative we are very proud of,”  Piero Galli told i-Italy, “We are here today to speak to those Italians who have left their home country years ago and have made of America their new home. This is an invitation to travel back and experience their roots in a way that was never done before and will never be done again... as this is a unique event that will not repeat itself.”

Indeed the program was tailored to all Italians living abroad and all foreign citizens of Italian descent. “Expo Milano 2015 is reserving a special welcome for all those who wish to experience an exciting return to Italy,” Galli continued to explain, “They have brought to these shores their culture and customs, it is now time to travel back and not only enjoy the expo, and the city of Milan, but all the other cities and countries that surround it.”

The program was launched in Consulates, Embassies and Permanent Agencies across the world on June 2nd, on the Italian National Day, when Italy became a republic. The Regional Councils for Emigration have participated with enthusiasm to Made of Italians and they will promote the Universal Exposition of Milano thanks to the involvement of more than 3.000 Regional Associations, from Argentina to Japan, which count more than four million and a half Italians living abroad with 50 million descendants. Made of Italians offers travelers and visitors special rates for travel to Italy and exceptional discounts. Etihad Airways offers travelers from Asia, Australia and the Middle East travel opportunities at special fares while Alitalia is providing special discounts on its domestic network.

Once in Milan, the program's participants get a 25% discount for the entrance ticket to the expo plus a special welcome to the Italian pavilion that means, dedicated services such as Fast Track, tastings and discounts for complimentary services such as personal tours. Those who need a place to stay, can get special discounted rates at affiliated hotels, such as UNA Hotels and STARHOTELS. If there is not room in Milan, and visitors end up staying in a neighboring town or city, TRENITALIA, Italy's primary train operator, offers several discounts on the entire national rail long haul network.

But there is more: free admission to selected Milan's museums and discounts to visit museums in other cities, special rental rates on Fiat Chrysler cars, offers on mobile communications through Telecom Italia, discounts in restaurants, stores, at Intesa Sanpaolo banks on payment cards, and at illishop in Milan and at the Coffe Cluster Shop on the expo site for coffee products and machines.

“Is there a better incentive to travel to Milan?” Galli asked before offering “the first card to Ministro Martina, a great supporter of the initiative who lives in Bergamo therefore he is not going to travel far.” “The Made of Italians program is one of the major projects conceived within the expo,” Martina told the crowd, “Bringing Italians back to their home country is a great endeavor but it can be done. This is a great opportunity not just for Milan but for the whole country.”

So how do people join the program? First one must register on Starting on October 1st, 2014, registered users will be sent a discount code to purchase tickets for the expo. After purchasing the ticket online the made of Italians Expo pass will automatically be activated. That means the registered visitor can use his special benefits towards the airfare purchase. Users will also receive an electronic voucher that must be printed to be presented a the Made of Italians welcome points in Milan to receive the pass containing additional promotions for the purchase of products and service not only in the city but across the country.

“There is not much more to say,” Galli concluded, “There is no place like home, so come home.”





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