i-ITALY RADIO. Launching Our New Project

Francesco Foderà (June 04, 2017)
After the news website, the free-press magazine, and the weekly TV show on NYC Life, a brand new Radio project joins our information and entertainment network.

i-Italy Radio Live - Click to listen on your Smartphone

i-Italy Podcast on SoundCloud

What's ON-AIR on I-Italy radio?
We air 24/7 the best selection of Italian soft music from the 80s to nowadays. From Zucchero to Il Volo, from the Sanremo winning songs to the summer hits from more than 3 decades. A pop selection with the same - unique - mood, perfect for your musical background when you are traveling, studying, working. Tune i-Italy Radio in your shop!

During the day you can listen to our 3minutes show with book reviews, Italian American stories, the best interviews made for the Tv and exclusive radio production focused on Italian personalities, notable Italian-Americans or Americans in love with Italy. Check it out!

We choose "Italian inside" as our claim because our listeners need not have Italian roots or be Italian to feel the "Grande Bellezza" of the Italian music. Italianness is inside everybody who loves Italian culture, food and lifestyle ... If you read i-Italy you are already "Italian inside"!

How LISTEN to I-Italy Radio.
Our radio station, hosted by Radionomy, it's available from every page of i-Italy.org and soon via our new official app for iOS and Android.

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Francesco Foderà
Music Journalist
Head of Music and Content for I-Italy Radio
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