Verdi Reads Verdi in the Bocelli Home

I. I. (January 08, 2020)
A show directed and interpreted by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory in the great Italian singer’s suggestive estate of Poggioncino in La Sterza Lajatico in the province of Pisa.

Andrea Bocelli and his family usher in the new year with a special cultural event imbued with authentic Italian tradition. Their residence in Poggioncino becomes the stage for a highly unique celebration of the most Italian composer of Italian Opera, Giuseppe Verdi

A very intimate representation of the show titled “Verdi legge Verdi” (Verdi reads Verdi) directed and interpreted by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, all centered around the great composer’s authentic thoughts and words.

“A double hommage,” says Finazzer Flori, “to Verdi the philosopher and to Bocelli the poet. There is an extraordinary ethical unity between the great composer and our singer: a love of the land and for the people.”

And these the fascinating words of Andrea Bocelli:

“An unexpected gift, a beautiful, magical event: we send a heartfelt thank you to our friend Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, who through his theatrical piece wanted to bring back intact the emotion of finding ourselves face to face with an immense flesh and blood Giuseppe Verdi… The story and the great ethical lessons of Verdi - a reserved and generous man, visionary and tormented - emerge in all their actuality and universality.”

According to Finazzer Flory, Giuseppe Verdi and Andrea Bocelli would have really liked each other. “I’m certain of it. Both of them claim freedom as a universal human right and the supreme joy of free creation. That’s how this necessity was born...this impulse to propose this show about Verdi in his home for Veronica, his family, in Lajatico, which drew people with the desire to learn. An hommage to the Theatre of Silence, a truly unique open air venue.”

Finazzer Flory will be busy with “Verdi legge Verdi” throughout the entire year of 2020, during which the show will tour the United States, Europe, and Italy.