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Enigmatic Visions: Beauty in the Details

Coming to Agora Gallery the exhibition featuring the artist Antonio Biagiotti. (Opening July 28, 2017 and runs through August 17, 2017), Entrance is free.

Agora Gallery presents Enigmatic Visions, a new collective exhibition that is singular in its attention to the subtlety that can be found in contemporary art. While many equate progress with simply making the next piece bigger and louder, that is not the beginning and end of the state of today's art landscape.

Though the eleven artists on display in Enigmatic Visions come from all corners of the globe, each brings out the magic in more modest concerns.

This shared interest in the small scale can manifest in many different ways. It can be a study of physically empty places: flat, rocky plains or the lonely, mysterious seas. It can be zooming in on a single object for an updated take on the still life.

The photographic work of Italian artist Antonio Biagiotti is as compelling in its symbolism and meaning as it is stunning in its deceptive simplicity.

Biagiotti is a master of light and is able to achieve the perfect balance between illumination and shadow again and again, offering up images so crisp, clear, and infused with detail that the viewer is transported to a whole new world of line and form.

Equally impressive is Biagiotti’s use of composition. He creates just the right amount of tension to hold the viewer’s interest while inserting new meaning into ordinary subjects, landscapes, and urbanscapes.

Biagiotti’s work stands out in today’s digital world as his photographs are taken and processed in a traditional manner - the artist works with black and white film which gets developed and printed in his darkroom. As Biagiotti explains, each image isn’t edited on a computer but rather “the light has simply impressed, for a moment, the film exposed by me.”

This is a recurring motif in the exhibition, from a series of austere black-and-white photos of flower blossoms to intensely focused images of the body in motion. It can even be a small psychological space, such as the depiction of a single figure or an isolated group of people.

Antonio Biagiotti currently lives and works in Castel di Casio, in the province of Bologna, Italy. 


Others artistis in the exibition

Annette Balsgaard  |  Antonio Biagiotti  |  Olena Bogatska  |  D. L. Brabander  |  Anna Galea  |  Yuki Goodman  |  Larry Greenberg  |  Naini Kumar  |  Linco7n.  |  Mark W. Malone  |  Jonathan Mann  |  Tammy Phillips  |  James Chisholm  |  Elizabeth Sabine

Enigmatic Visions opens July 28 and runs through August 17, 2017 with an opening reception Thursday, August 3 from 6 - 8 pm. Entrance is free.





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