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A.B. (December 03, 2010)
  • From left to right: Vito Artioli, Umberto Vattani, Aniello Musella, Marco Alberti
New York opens its doors to a showcase of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and flair. The art of shoe-making and and the art of cooking combined to celebrate the Made in Italy

Italians can do many things well, one of them is shoes. And when you bring to New York a showcase of the most exquisite shoe designers and you pair it with another Italian specialty, good food,you know you are heading towards success. This was the intuition of ANCI, the Italian Footwear Manufacturers' Association, and ICE, the Italian Trade Commission, which organized “I LOVE ITALIAN SHOES,” a showcase of the sector's creativity and craftsmanship. The selected companies, part of the event, showcased the best of their production and design during the December edition of FFANY, from December 1-3, at the Hilton Hotel.

The event was kicked off with a press conference at Eataly, the gourmet paradise of Oscar Farinetti, which was followed by a lunch comprised of Italian specialties from around the peninsula. Present at the conference was Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of ICE, Aniello Musella, Director of ICE in New York, and Pier Paolo Chicco of ANCI.

“We are happy and proud to work with ANCI in order to present at FFANY the workmanship, design and extraordinary imagination of our designers and manufacturers”, said Aniello Musella. “Italy is the third largest exporter of footwear in the United States. Italy holds, the first place in the footwear luxury sector”, he added. For Pier Paolo Chicco “every American man and woman has the right to wear an Italian shoe”, he said. For this reason, in collaboration with A. Cicognani Communications, they opened an ANCI Press Room in the States to help promote Italian companies on the American market. “Passion, dedication, quality of a unique product that has no rivals” he stressed.

The New York edition of “I LOVE ITALIAN SHOES” was wrapped up with a cocktail party at the New York Public Library where the celebration of Italian excellence, class and style continued. Culinary specialties from the four regions associated with the four main shoe-making districts (Lombardy, Marche, Tuscany and Veneto) were served. Vito Artioli, President of ANCI, said that the event was dedicated to the fusion of two arts: shoe-making and cooking. Two arts at which Italians clearly do excel. “Diversity is richness”, he continued, “that is the key to Italian excellence both in creating classy shoes and preparing scrumptious food. Ambassador Vattani remarked to the audience that “apart from aesthetics, Italian shoes will make you stand right, walk safely, and, if you are a lady, walk like a princess.” Also present at the cocktail was vice-consul of Italy Marco Alberti, a presence that epitomizes the cooperation between the diplomatic world and ICE in order to promote Made in Italy in America.





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