Supermoms, in Italy and Abroad

On April 19, Italian entrepreneur and author, Tiziana Rocca, launched the english version of her new book titled,"Supermom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career, and Having it All" at The Consulate General of Italy in New York.

Everyone has heard of the stereotypical “Italian Mother.” It refers to a woman that spends her entire day in a robe, slaving over a pot of gravy, cleaning the house and preparing a meal for her husband and children. She pours an overabundance of affection upon her children, especially her sons, pinching their cheeks and never saying the word “no.” Earlier this year, entrepreneur and author, Tiziana Rocca picked up her pen to break down these false labels of the stereotypical Italian mother.

On April 19, at The Consulate General of Italy in New York, Tiziana Rocca launched the English version of her book, titled, "Supermom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career, and Having it All." Under the sponsorship of the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and with an introduction from Consulate General, Francesco Maria Talò, Rocca’s image of the versatile woman was presented.

“It’s important to see that these mothers are no longer the ‘house mom’ or the ‘housewife,’” said Rocca. “There is something else they do now; they have to be the mother, the wife, have a career, and take care of the house and they have to do it all well.”

As the mother of three, wife to actor, Giulio Base, founder of Tiziana Rocca Communications, and author, this woman is well acclimated with the art of balancing responsibility. “My children inspired me to write this book,” says Rocca. “Motherhood has been a learning process and I wanted to share the truth.” They even helped her proofread and fact-check the book, she says, before she sent it off for publication.

When she sat down to write, Rocca made a very tactful decision. She realized, from her own experience, that there is rarely a time during that day that she is able to lounge in the backyard, crack open a book, and read it cover to cover. For this reason she made her chapters short and succinct, dividing the book into quick sections. “This way, women can look in the index, find the part that they need that day, and read it quickly.” Some of these sections include effective eating habits, maintaining a circle of trust with the children, allowing free time and encouraging each child to follow their individual passions.

In Italy, Rocca sold 10,000 copies of the Italian version titled, “Mamma, dalla A alla T,” in which she divulges her secrets in her own language. When she was asked to release and English version, Tiziana sought confirmation from some of her closest and most successful American confidantes, actress, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Stallone, Debora Haggis, and Latanya Jackson. They reassured her, and can be heard through short acclaims in the foreword of the book, that women who work, are married, and are raising their families, are supermoms across the world. The region in which they are doing their work is irrelevant.

During the presentation, Rocca sat beside her two friends, Director, Paul Haggis and Actor, Matthew Modine. Both attested to the honesty with which Rocca talks about her hectic schedule. They have seen her rise at the break of dawn, get the kids ready for school, get to work, and excel at all of it. They are both excited to read the book to see how, exactly, she gets it all done.

As she decided to do with all proceeds from the Italian book sales, she will also donate all profits from the English version to the Antoniana Caritas project for Ugandan women with HIV Aids. In doing so, she recognizes that her success as a mother is a blessing, and something for which she is very grateful. For those less fortunate, Rocca seeks to help in anyway possible.