How Good Does "Italian Sounding" Sound?

(June 05, 2014)
Insights from three influential people in the Italian high quality food industry in the U.S. Weather a threat or an opportunity for the authentic Made in Italy food sector, a unique chance to analyze the phenomenon with three leaders in the sectors of production, distribution, and advertising. With Dino Borri, Manager and Brand Ambassador - Eataly Usa .Leonardo Auricchio, CEO - Barabino & Partners Usa. Marco De Ceglie, CEO - DE CECCO Usa (18:30 PM Monday, June 9th, 2014 - Zio Ristorante) . Organized by PINYC (a.k.a. PIN) The Event is sponsored by DE CECCO USA

The phenomenon of Italian sounding represents not only a threat but also an extraordinary opportunity for Italian businesses. "Fake Italian" brands have in fact helped create and strengthen a bond between the product category and Italy. In other words, it is also thanks to Italian sounding products that Italy dominates the perception of quality by the consumer in different product categories .

On this basis, PINYC  offers a unique chance to analyze threats and opportunities arising from this phenomenon, with perspectives given by leading stakeholders involved in the value chain high quality authentic Italian food. They will to discuss it with a representative of a leading Italian food manufacturing company, a major global retailer of high quality authentic Italian food products and a prominent PR firm.



PINYC (a.k.a. PIN) is a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers residing in NYC and it surrounding (Tri-State) areas who aim to organize, promote and participate in networking opportunities that are both social and professional. The Tri-State area possesses a flourishing Italian community, whose constituents utilize the qualities and skills they bring from Italy to achieve success in the local social and business environment.

PINYC members are committed to contributing their talents to enhance the dynamic network of Italian professionals who live in the Tri-State Area, creating new relationships with Italy, and strengthening the already existing ones. PINYC is a nonpolitical, nonreligious, and nonracial association.


About the panel:

Dino Borri: Born and raised in Piemonte, Italy, Dino started his career in the food realm in 2000 with Slow Food hired where he organized all their gastronomic events. In 2008, Dino started collaborating with Eataly in Turin, where he soon became the person in charge of opening new Eatalian stores all around the world. He moved to New York in 2010 to open the Eataly New York and then Eataly Chicago. He is now focusing on developing key partnerships and relationships with like-minded Italian brands abroad, and is Eataly’s brand ambassador.

Leonardo Auricchio: Head of the U.S. branch of Barabino & Partners, one of the leading branding, corporate and financial PR firms in Europe, as well as Italy’s largest PR firm. He oversees cross-border communication projects between Italy/Europe and the U.S. and advises European and Italian SMEs and large corporations on communication & marketing strategy in the U.S..

Marco De Ceglie: Since early in his career, Marco de Ceglie has demonstrated that he has the leadership and diverse management skills to be a consistently strong contributor to corporate success. With 34 years of experience in the industry – 29 of which working for Unilever – he has a deep understanding of the consumer goods business. Significant brand experiences include a key role in the launch of the Dove brand in Europe and the worldwide management of Bertolli Olive Oil for several years in North America. Currently, he is the CEO of De Cecco Pasta in the U.S.A..

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ZIO Ristorante

17 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

18:30 PM Monday, June 9th , 2014






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