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"Labir Into" by Acclaimed Italian Choreographer Caterina Rago

A. R. (October 03, 2016)
"Labir Into," named after “labirinto,” Italian for “labyrinth,” will investigate the challenge of finding your most authentic self, the center of your own personal labyrinth. Dancers oscillate between the dark and the ethereal, a contrast of broad sweeping gestures and controlled staccato movements—bobbing, swirling, weaving, coiling and uncoiling, boldly traveling across the space only to retreat again—interspersed with striking moments of introspective stillness. Dancers manifest their own internal explorations; a visceral narrative of self and searching will emerge

"Labir Into" will feature set design by celebrated set and costume designer Pier Paolo Bisleri, also from Italy, who has created a descending stage labyrinth exclusively for this production.

Caterina Rago Dance Company pushes emotional boundaries and explores the vulnerability found in movement. Dancers search for self-awareness by tapping into their innate potentiality and sharing their divine spark. Inspired by Italy, the land of contrast, Caterina Rago creates an intense and unique painting. Her choreography inspires a new generation to self-awareness and authenticity, by surrendering the body to powerful emotion.

“As an artist, my work is full of raw physicality and feeling. I seek to embody human emotions in movement. Dance creates a sense of vulnerability, allowing performers to offer and viewers to receive. I want to bring self-awareness and push boundaries, depicting messages of love, hope and courage through my choreography. By allowing this sense of openness in my choreographic process, I am able to create a sense of communication with audiences by celebrating life onstage.

“Although language barriers may exist between nations, the power of emotion and movement are universal. I seek to express and cultivate my Italian heritage in the US, portraying these universal experiences through my work.” - Caterina Rago

Company Dancers: Sarita Apel, Giulia D’Antoni, Raphaëlle Kessedjian, Andrea Murillo, Caterina Rago, Jaclyn Rea, Natalia Roberts, Lissa Smith Bios.

Set designer Pier Paolo Bisleri
Karen Young costume designer
Nick Hung Lighting Designer
Production manager Anne Posluszny

Caterina Rago Dance Company performances are part of New York Live Arts "Live Arts PLUS" program, which is designed to support dance and theater companies, as well as producing and non-profit organizations. 

About Caterina Rago:

Originally from Italy, Caterina Rago obtained her B.F.A. from l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome. While there, she was a company member of Danzare La Vita under direction of Elsa Piperno with choreographer Joseph Fontano, President of the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO; and an aerial dancer in Kitonb Extreme Theatre Company directed by Angelo Bonello. In 2006, Rago was chosen to perform Ivan Manzoni’s “Simbolo Della Pace” at the Inaugural Ceremony of the XX Winter Olympic Games in Torino. After moving to New York she completed the Professional Training Program at Martha Graham Center and was invited to present her work, “Eternal Return”, at the 2008 Graham II New York Season…. Rago also teaches Graham Technique at Dance Theatre of Harlem and Peridance Capezio Center. She continues to be a guest teacher of numerous dance centers in Italy and New York City.





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