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How to Citrus

EATALY MAGAZINE (January 12, 2017)
During these short, dark days, nature has granted us a bright, delicious boon: citrus!

At Eataly, we believe in eating by season. Fruits and vegetables taste so much better – and are so much better for you – closest to harvest. And from December through April, these fruits are in peak season! To capitalize on this versatile winter bounty, we’re offering you five ways to incorporate citrus into your life.

1. Know your citrus. From the exotic kumquat to the familiar orange, we offer more than a dozen varieties of citrus fruits in our produce sections at Eataly New York and Chicago. 

2. Choose wisely. In the marketplace, ensure the highest quality fruit by examining its weight, peel, consistency, and scent. The heavier the fruit, the juicier it will be; lighter fruit means that the juice has dried up. The peel should be smooth and the consistency firm – avoid mushiness. Finally, the fruit should smell fragrant: if it smells off, just step away.

3. Drink up. In these cold months, it’s hard to beat fresh citrus juice, which opens a window into sunnier places – unless it’s fresh citrus juice mixed with Prosecco, gin, or Campari! Use citrus as your base for winter cocktails – and don’t forget to incorporate the peel!

4. Think zesty. Zest is one of our chefs’ favorite secret ingredients. Grating the outer peel of citrus fruits releases the concentrated flavors in the oils of the skin, making it an excellent addition to salads, stews, grilled meat, and cocktails! Anyone with a grater can use it (just remember to wash the fruit first!).

5. Candy that peel. Candied citrus peel is another creative but simple way to use the whole fruit. An excellent garnish for a dish or drink, the candied peels are also a treat on their own as a sweet finish to a meal; dipped in melted dark chocolate and then air dried; or served with ricotta, honey, and toasted almonds. Discover the recipe here.

Buon appetito!

This recipe was first published courtesy of Eataly Magazine.

Find the original recipe here.