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Chocolate Eggs in Italy

Eataly Magazine (March 22, 2018)
From colorful processions to great feasts, there are many ways that Italians celebrate Easter. One of the more delicious traditions – and a favorite of ours – is uova di Pasqua al cioccolato: chocolate Easter eggs!

In Italy, like cultures across the world, eggs are considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth during the spring. Traditionally, Italians created natural food dyes to brightly decorate eggs, which were then incorporated into Easter lunch. Today, chocolate eggs rule the Easter world. Italians take all things chocolate very seriously – and Easter eggs are no exception! Even in the smallest village, every grocery store, shop window, and market stall will boast an abundant display of these treats in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

Each year, chocolatiers outdo themselves with increasingly elaborate edible designs. Inside, the chocolate eggs may be hollow, contain creamy fillings, or even feature a tiny surprise. Typical surprises range from small trinkets to more chocolate to even engagement rings. (Overtaking the tradition of getting engaged on Valentine’s Day, more and more Italians are letting their chocolate eggs do the proposing.)





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