PastaMania #2. "Penne zucchine e gamberetti"

(June 19, 2014)
In Italy "Gamberetti e zucchine" is one of the best known "mari e monti" dishes (Italian for "surf and turf"). Gamberetti cover the sea and zucchini come from the soil. This southern-Italian dish is very popular in the area stretching from Naples to the coasts of Sorrento and Amalfi, a very rocky coastline with mountains overlooking the sea.


Serves 4

● 24 oz De Cecco penne

● 2 medium sized zucchini

● 1 pound shrimp, cleaned

● 4 tablespoons De Cecco extra virgin olive oil

● ½ cup white wine

● 1 clove garlic

● Freshly chopped parsley, as desired

● Salt and pepper to taste


● Cut zucchini lengthwise and discard white center, then cut into julienne strips

● Add extra virgin olive oil to a pan and cook at medium heat for about a minute

● Then add garlic and remove it when it's golden

● Add your zucchini strips and stir, cooki for about 10 minutes

● Add shrimp and cook for another 5 minutes

● Add half a cup of white wine and let it cook at low heat for about five minutes, until wine evaporates

● Add a bit of chopped parsley

● When the water comes to a boil, add coarse salt and toss in the penne, stirring occasionally, and cook for 9 minutes—not longer: remember that pasta must be "al dente"

● When penne is ready, drain well but without rinsing

● Pour penne into the pan and stir over a high flame for another minute

● Just before serving, add pepper, a bit of chopped parsley and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil

● Penne zucchine e gamberetti should be paired with a dry white wine (not too strong). We recommend 'Greco di Tufo', from Avellino, near Naples. 'Greco,' or Greek, refers to the Greeks who introduced the wine to the region of Campania roughly 2,500 years ago.

... AND REMEMBER: To make an excellent pasta dish, use excellent pasta!






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