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Lorenzo Cherubini

Jovanotti Comes Out with New Album Titled "Lorenzo 2015 CC"

Emily Hayes

A new album by Jovanotti. As this title suggests, his love of motorcycling was a source of inspiration. It is the fourteenth album of his career. Part of the album will be...

Jovanotti. New York For Life


A new CD, new concert dates and other surprises for Jovanotti fans.

Jovanotti in Williamsburg: when Brooklyn becomes the Ombelico del Mondo

Francesca Giuliani

The Tuscan singer-songwriter and rapper kept Brooklyn bouncing all night with his international jam band. New Yorkers as well as Italians danced and sang along to his newest hits...

Singer Jovanotti in Defence of the Italian Public School


Italian singer Jovanotti answers from the pages of newspaper l'Unità to Berlusconi's caustic comments on the Italian public school

Isabella's Night with Jovanotti

Valentina Barretta

As one of the winners of our contest, Isabella attended Jovanotti's NY concert at the Webster Hall with her mother Simona. Here is a brief recount of a dream come true

Oh Yeah! Jovanotti is Back in the US!

Marina Melchionda

Starting on April 22, the internationally famous Italian singer and song-writer Lorenzo "Cherubini" Jovanotti will tour the United States and Canada to present his new album,...

New York: Jovanotti’s Dream Comes True

Marina Melchionda

The recent visit of the famous Italian singer revealed to be a rich and fulfilling experience both for him and his traditional public. It was also a great occasion to introduce...

Yes We Can. Yes He Can. Jovanotti's Glocal Music

Letizia Airos Soria

Why Jovanotti? Why introduce Lorenzo Cherubini, a.k.a. Lorenzo Jovanotti, to a younger (and not so young) generation of Italian-Americans (and not only Italian-Americans)? Why...

Interview with Jovanotti. A Global Singer

Marina Melchionda

Jovanotti, one of the most popular Italian songwriters and singers, will soon debut in the US (New York, Feb. 18-19). We interviewed him about his music, his relationship with his...

The Voice of a Generation. Lorenzo Jovanotti to Debut in the U.S.

Until now, American audiences have had to make do with mere glimpses of the brilliant career of one of Italy’s most famous contemporary artists, the Tuscan singer and songwriter...

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