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Indivisibile at Lincoln Plaza
Art & Culture
Appearances in Boston and New York in November for Italy’s “Prince of Singer-Songwriters”. After an award-winning career spanning nearly 50 years, De Gregori will finally make his US debut in November.
Members of the European Youth Orchestra from the Netherlands.
Art & Culture
S. K.(October 18, 2017)
Britain’s decision in 2016 to leave the European Union shook the foundations of the bloc, particularly within the arts world. The prestigious European Youth Orchestra (ages 16 to 26), headquartered for decades in London, relies heavily on EU funding to survive. However, once Britain leaves the Union, this funding will not remain available to the orchestra if it is based in the UK. In the face of extinction, the EUYO must turn to fresh solutions in order to survive.
Art & Culture
F. A.(October 17, 2017)
As part of the celebrations for the 17th International Italian Language Week an array of special events that aim to promote Italian language and culture are scheduled all around the world. This years event, which runs until October 22, has the theme: "Italian at the Cinema, Italian in the Cinema".
Art & Culture
I. I.(October 13, 2017)
Last Thursday, a large crowd flocked to the Art Center at Queens College of The City University of New York for the inauguration of the exhibition The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making. The Made in Italy--Designers Link Their Collections to their Local Roots, Emphasizing Tradition and Local Culture
Life & People
Meet artist Margaret Ricciardi, born 103 years ago in Brooklyn to immigrants from Calitri (Avellino). Joining her in as she recounts her family memories and her life as an artist, is Margaret’s niece, Laura Erikson. This interview is a preview, part of the Second Season of the I-ITALY TV SERIES "Grandparents and Grandchildren in Italian America." And stay tuned for the full video.
Facts & Stories
Judith Harris(October 11, 2017)
The olive harvest has come to Italy early this year. Despite the overheated summer, scant rain and risk of the nasty bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, both quality and production are excellent.
Art & Culture
From October 18 to 22, New York University's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Stony Brook University's Center for Italian Studies will host the best in Italian contemporary cinema: premieres, great authors, young talented directors, iconic faces, and meetings between the media and the festival’s guests. For this edition, director and actor Sergio Castellitto will be our guest of honor during the screening of his films: Non ti muovere and Venuto al mondo. To pay tribute to...
Art & Culture
Natasha Lardera(September 28, 2017)
The Blue Bus Project: Making Socially Conscious Art on the Streets. This school bus doesn't take you to a classroom, but it comes to you. It comes to your neighborhood to provide a safe space for artists and communities to merge, while cultivating self-worth, social expression, imagination and creativity.
Botticella in Rome
Facts & Stories
Harris Judith(October 04, 2017)
Italians have discovered a love of animals. As attacks against the horse-drawn carriages of Rome increase, equestrian tourism is on the rise. And at present the 60 million pet dogs in Italy equals the country's human population.
Art & Culture
Join this Monday (October 16, 2017 - 6:30-8:30pm‌) Lecture Hall 101, Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University. "Critical Made in Italy Part 3: Cinema" is the title of series, designed by the Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies in 2016 and inspired by a collection of essays edited by Daniele Balicco - Made in Italy and Culture.
Art & Culture
Everyone knows that Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE. But most people do not appreciate how much, in the period before the War, Rome also built up Jerusalem, serving as a valuable ally and as a stabilizing force during the interminable Hasmonean family fights over who would be high priest. This evening together we will explore both the good and the bad in the the highly charged relationship between these two Eternal Cities. Join historian Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on a fascinating journey into the formative era of Western Judaism.
Left - Consul General Francesco Genuardi, GEI President Lucio Caputo, Governator Andrew Cuomo rappresentative Dolores Alfieri, Gilberto Benetton, Ambassador Armando Varricchio and Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations in New York, Sebastiano Cardi
Life & People
Alex Catti(October 11, 2017)
Gilberto Benetton receives the prestigious “GEI Award” as chairman of Autogrill. The Italian company has a powerful presence both in Italy and in the United States. Founded by president of the Gruppo Esponenti Italiani (GEI) Lucio Caputo, the award is an honor given to those who contribute to improving Italy’s image across the world.
Art & Culture
Alex Catti(October 02, 2017)
Following an intensive candidacy period in 2014, Matera, Basilicata has been chosen as the 2019 European Cultural Capital. In order to prepare the city for the events of 2019, the Italian government has destined 400 million for the development and improvement of all aspects of the city.
By Antonio Marras
Art & Culture
Multimedia exhibition curated by Eugenia Paulicelli (Queens College Art Center Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library). Exhibit highlights the Made in Italy aspect in which designers link their collections to the places in which they were made, emphasizing...
Facts & Stories
Liuzzo & Associates(October 06, 2017)
The U.S. Department of State has announced that entries for the DV-2019 lottery began accepting entries as of October 3, 2017 at noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and will continue to accept entries until noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4),...
Joseph Guagliardo, national president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian-American Organizations
Life & People
Riccardo Chioni(October 05, 2017)
Joseph Guagliardo, national president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian-American Organizations, recounts how the “Columbus Controversy” started in New York and explains why it touches all Italian Americans, “both the blue-collars and...
Marching on Fifth Avenue? Yes, this year's Columbus Day Parade has a new protagonist, and thanks to the idea, direction, and performance of Massimiliano Finazzer, he will meet the people attending the most important Italian parade in the United...
Massimiliano Finazzer Flory as Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi is at the parade on Fifth Avenue with a coordinated choreography around Cultural Heritage sites protected by UNESCO. A performance personifying the Region of Lombardy and the Fondazione Stelline. It's a beautiful gesture guided...
Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio at Gracie Mansion with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio at Gracie Mansion in Manhattan for a celebration of Italian pride. However, Mayor Bill de Blasio and some of his constituents did not necessarily see eye-to-eye.
Campari ad - swinging soda
Immigration in the past, when Italians flooded into France, has lessons for today. Preparing for the future, Italian Interior Minister Minniti balks at the word "emergency" applied to immigration and sets new guidelines,
Barnes & Noble Chairman and Founder Creates Theme Entitled "A Celebration of Italian-American Authors" and Invites them to March Up Fifth Avenue. I will march because I was personally invited...
Earlier this month, Hofstra University hosted its 25th annual Italian festival. The day was a chance for the Long Island community to experience a bit of traditional Italian culture, from dancing to food, and to enjoy the beautiful weather that day...
Ferrari – 70th Anniversary – Join Us in NYC
Facts & Stories

Join Ferrari in New York City over Columbus Day Weekend

Commemorate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary by visiting an iconic collection of Ferrari vehicles in Manhattan.
Art & Culture

Stony Brook University Center for Italian Hosts Annual Concorso d'Eleganza

Stony Brook University’s 12th annual Concorso d’Eleganza was a success! Approximately 80 Italian cars rallied at the University located in the suburbs of New York City in order to show their cars and to attest to the “elegance” of Italian design. The event is hosted by the University’s Center for Italian Studies, which looks to promote the Italian language and culture both within and outside of the University.
Facts & Stories

John M. Viola Resigns as President and COO of NIAF

(Washington, D.C. – September 25, 2017) The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) announces the resignation of John M. Viola, president and chief operating officer of NIAF, effective December 31, 2017. The NIAF Board has begun a search for Viola’s successor.
Parole Parole S01E22: DESIDERIO
Art & Culture

Parole, parole

Casa Italiana Zerili Marimò at NYU is producing its own in house web series dedicated to the Italian language. Each episode of Parole Parole features a special guest presenting an Italian word that is dear to them for literary, linguistic, historical or purely personal reasons.
Art & Culture

Summering it Up in the Forum: ISAR and Sustainable Archeology

An international archaeological team has been sifting through 2,000 years of ancient Roman history at the base of the Palatine Hill, where traces of cabins dating from the time of Romulus and Remus have been found
Facts & Stories

Columbus Day. "A Celebration of Italian-American Authors"

Barnes & Noble Announces More Than 100 Italian-American Authors Marching Up Fifth Avenue in the Columbus Citizens Foundation's Annual Columbus Day Parade. Chairman and Founder of Barnes & Noble Leonard Riggio Is this year's Grand Marshal and created the theme "A Celebration of Italian-American Authors" Barnes & Noble Will Hand Out 50,000 Copies of The Constitution of the United States of America with the Declaration of Independence for Free at the Parade. Angelo Vivolo, President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, had this to say; "The Columbus Citizens Foundation is so honored to have Leonard Riggio as this year's Grand Marshal in our 73rdannual parade. His celebration of Italian-American authors and his creation of this year's Parade theme are both clear indications of the Parade's intention of celebrating Italian-American culture and achievement."
Art & Culture

The Enchantment of the Sewing Machine

This September and October 2017 don't miss the chance to experience the several performances that Italian artist Elena Berriolo will present at the Children's Museum of the Arts in New York. This is a unique opportunity to witness this innovative performer who chose to investigate the world through a fascinating instrument: the sewing machine.
Art & Culture

Hokusai Life Coloured

Claudia Piscitelli follows an enigmatic and intricate innermost path and rather than simply painting, she challenges the limits and crafty pushes the boundaries of traditional technique until she finds her artistic tools with which she can take off toon a very personal journey. By doing so, she creates work with eyes and ideas which mirror her vast emotional nature. Her tribute to Hokusai becomes an introspective journey resulting in 12 diptychs on display at the New York Studio School - Student Gallery and Lobby at 8 W8th street, New York, NY 10011, from September 22 to October 4, 2017 (10 am – 6 pm)
Facts & Stories

Gelato - Ice Cream - Sorbet

We all experience an uncontrollable desire for something cold and sweet yet not too fattening, so gelato and/or ice cream immediately come to mind. Gelato is gelato and ice cream is a totally different thing. And there also are sorbets ...
Facts & Stories

Honoring the Italian Victims of September 11

At the Consulate General of Italy, homage was paid to the fallen victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers. It was also an occasion to remember the Italians whose lives were lost during that tragic event. The Consulate hosted representatives from New York’s Italian community and an institutional delegation from the city of Brescia, who remembered the attack on Piazza della Loggia 43 years ago.
Art & Culture

Book. The Bilingual Revolution

The story of a grassroots movement that emerged in New York. New Insider Guide Helps Parents and Educators Create Dual Language Education Programs in the American School System
Art & Culture

Modigliani Unmasked

At the Jewish Museum in New York, the First Exhibition in the U. S. to focus on Amedeo Modigliani's Early Work with a large selection acquired directly from the artist by Dr. Paul Alexandre, his close friend and first patron
Facts & Stories

The “GEI AWARD 2017” Goes to Gilberto Benetton

The “GEI AWARD 2017” will be awarded to Gilberto Benetton, Chairman of Autogrill, as announced by the president of GEI - Gruppo Esponenti Italiani, Lucio Caputo. The award ceremony will take place on October 5th during a Gala held in the Ballroom of one of Manhattan’s most elegant hotels.

Immigrants in the Mediterranean: Italy, Libya and Politics

Migrants now make up 8.3% of the Italian population, even as the mild seas bring more arrivals. "The other European countries must stop just looking the other way," says Premier Paolo Gentiloni.
Life & People

Raphael Gualazzi: The Italian Jazz that Conquers the World

Raphael Gualazzi is so Italian and–at the same time–so extraordinarily global for his music. Born in 1981, Raphael is a singer-songwriter who exported Italian vibes across the world. I’m proud to introduce Raphael Gualazzi as our second guest on “Francesco Foderà’s Italian Sound.”
Art & Culture

BOOK. A Victorian Heroine in Venice

Evelina, A Victorian Herone in Venice, by Judith Harris, is published in the UK by Fonthill Media Ltd., including in a Kindle edition, and is available in print in the US in October.

Columbus Citizens Foundation Committed to the Preservation of the Columbus Monument

Columbus Citizens Foundation President Angelo Vivolo responded to the recent inquiries regarding the Christopher Columbus Monument in Columbus Circle.
Facts & Stories

Columbus Circle Controversy

Following last month’s removal of some statues and monuments, protests ensued, sparking tension regarding race relations and whether or not statues depicting prominent figures in American history should be removed. Although the statutes in question are mostly located in formerly Confederate states, some are found in the north as well. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the statue of Christopher Columbus in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle would come under scrutiny.
Art & Culture

INDIVISIBLE–The Beguiling Italian Fable Opens in the US Theaters

The internationally acclaimed, award winning movie by Italian director Edoardo De Angelis is now ready to wow the US audience beginning on Friday September 15 at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema in New York and soon all over North America. i-Italy got the chance to sit down with De Angelis and interview him about the movie and what his expectations are from this upcoming American release.
Facts & Stories

NIAF & i-Italy Internship in Journalism and Italian American Affairs

The National Italian American Foundation and i-Italy have partnered to offer 3 paid internship opportunities for recent Italian American graduates interested in building the basis for a career in media while furthering their proficiency in the Italian language
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The threat of fresh attacks on the West by foreign fighters fleeing the fallen Islamic State – or Isis – stronghold of Raqa is set to dominate a G7 meeting of interior ministers in Italy.

Silvio Berlusconi says he would have responded differently to the Catalonia crisis than Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, backing a "legally controlled" referendum to resolve the situation.

The mayor of Italian town Candela has come up with a practical solution to its dwindling population number -- paying people to become residents.

The number of migrants arriving in Italy from the Mediterranean has dropped sharply, according to the European Union’s border agency.

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Wednesday that Italy was a model for Europe on how to reduce migrant arrivals, a day after U.N. agencies said its policies had trapped tens of thousands of people in dire conditions in Libya.

Laura Boldrini, president of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, spearheaded a project to educate high-school students on how to recognize fake news and conspiracy theories online.

On Oct. 6, Netflix’s first Italian original, “Suburra,” rolled out in 190 territories, including Italy, of course. The show about corruption in contempo Rome — in which a priest has a heart attack during a cocaine-fueled orgy — will also air domestically on state broadcaster RAI, thanks to an unusual pact with Netflix.

The town of Amatrice, all but destroyed in a earthquake last year, has been added to a list of the world’s most endangered heritage sites.

While the world focuses on incomers, the number of young Italians leaving their homeland rose significantly last year, according to new figures.

German airline Lufthansa has submitted an offer for parts of Alitalia and a plan to reshape Italy’s ailing national carrier just days after agreeing to buy some of Air Berlin’s assets.



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In ItalianoIn Italiano

Gennaro Matino(October 15, 2017)
Siete contro la storia e la storia vi darà torto. Lo Ius soli è un diritto già acquisito nei fatti. Sarà approvato in questa legislatura, come io spero, lo sarà nella prossima, ma sarà legge se non per un ideale forte, per necessità di stato,...
Un momento della parata sul Columbus Day con i costumi della Quintana di Foligno a New York
Letizia Airos(October 15, 2017)
Questo è l'editoriale che uscirà sul magazine in carta in lingua inglese nei prossimi giorni. Crediamo sia utile pubblicare e diffondere anche la sua versione in lingua italiana. Per il suo contenuto ma anche come anticipazione del nuovo...
Mark Zuckerberg
Gennaro Matino(October 15, 2017)
Il creatore e fondatore di Faceook ha riconosciuto nel giorno più solenne per lui, ebreo, che qualcosa nel suo lavoro non va. Non è una critica dall’esterno al sistema Facebook, è la presa di coscienza di chi sa che anche la sua invenzione è a...

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