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DirectTV presents Mediaset Italia
Barbara Lynch
Dining in & out
Tommaso Cartia(December 14, 2017)
World-acclaimed chef Barbara Lynch has been taking Boston’s Italian dining scene by storm. Recently, she has also partnered with Eataly in running Il Pesce restaurant
The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Andrea Commodi
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(December 13, 2017)
The Italian Cultural Institute’s “An Obsession with Michelangelo, The Fall of the Rebel Angels” exhibit featuring Andrea Commodi’s “Study of the Fall of the Rebel Angels” painting is open through January 11, 2018. Along with the painting, there are four of his sketches that demonstrate his influence by the renowned renaissance artist, Michelangelo.
Dining in & out
Giunti Mina(December 14, 2017)
Here is a story all “made in Italy”, the story of Sorelle Nurzia that all Italians have known for almost two centuries building a strong tradition around it, especially during the Christmas period. Sorelle Nurzia is an Italian confectionary company based in Sulmona (a town near L'Aquila) in the Abruzzo region, known especially for its special "torrone," which they have been making for almost two centuries
From the left: President & CEO of the FPA Noel Lateef, Consul General Minister Francesco Genuardi and Cav. di Gran Croce Lucio Caputo.
Life & People
New York - December 13 — Lucio Caputo, president of GEI and various organizations, was awarded the "Gold Medal" of the Foreign Policy Association at the prestigious organization's Gala, which took place on Tuesday, December 13th in the Ballroom of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.
Dining in & out
Letizia Airos(December 04, 2017)
Interview with Gino Sorbillo, who recently opened a new pizzeria in New York. During our conversation, Sorbillo tells us about Naples and New York, and we touch upon many different topics, such as his dreams, Mayor de Blasio visiting his pizzeria, singer Pino Daniele, his father’s family of 20 pizza makers, young people leaving Naples, his stubbornness, and communication.
Facts & Stories
Judith Harris(December 08, 2017)
Its 7 million visitors this year make the Colosseum Italy's second most important tourist attraction, and the area open to visitors has been drastically expanded. Here we meet its newly appointed director Alfonsina Russo.
All photos by Jonathan Slaff
Art & Culture
Natasha Lardera(December 07, 2017)
“Follies in Titus” was inspired by Shakespeare's “Titus Andronicus.' Devised and directed by Dario D'Ambrosi (Teatro Patologico, Pathological Theater), and performed by actors with disabilities from La Magia del Teatro, the play is the retelling of the tragedy of a fictitious general told through the voices of the patients of a psychiatric hospital. Playing at La MaMa
Life & People
Dario Celli(December 01, 2017)
Did you know that the tradition of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree started with an Italian? Come discover the story of Cesidio Perruzza, who while working the land for Mr. Rockefeller in the 20th Century, came up with the idea of decorating what today has become one of the most famous squares in the world.
Art & Culture
Massimo Mascolo, Claudio Napoli(December 04, 2017)
Memories and comments from Emma Dante's company, the organizers, and the audience. On Saturday 18 November 2017 we had the pleasure of attending a vibrant performance of Emma Dante’s Le Sorelle Macaluso/The Sisters Macaluso by the Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale/Southern Company Western Coast. Memories and Comments from Emma Dante's Company, the Organizers, and the Audience
Photo Credit Shushu Chen
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(November 29, 2017)
At NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, hosted by the director Stefano Albertini, the Sicilian songstress Alessandra Salerno, spiritual winner of The Voice of Italy 2015, sang her heart out in both English and Italian telling her story to Letizia...
Giorgio and Clio Napolitano with Pope Franciscus
Judith Harris(November 28, 2017)
Born in Naples back in 1925, at ninety-two former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is vital and surprisingly sturdy intellectually and physically, as his latest interview show
Installation view of Ileana Sonnabend and Arte Povera. Image courtesy Tom Powel
Art & Culture
Alexandra M. Fanelli(November 29, 2017)
For the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Arte Povera Movement Lévy Gorvy Gallery New York presents an exhibition on the visionary Ileana Sonnabend, gallerist, patron, and collector who championed the movement. Curated by renowned...
Dining in & out
The eclectic mind of Michele Casadei Massari and his partners already at the head of the popular joint Piccolo Cafe, shed a new light on NY's Italian dining scene. LUCCIOLA (firefly), is their new Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West...
Amelia Antonucci - Program Director of Cinema Italia San Francisco. Photo Credit: Flavia Loreto Fotografia
Upon retiring as the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco, Amelia Antonucci found that her energy had not declined while her love of film persisted. Thus Cinema Italia SF was born, and it’s now in its fifth year.
Palmanova (Friulian: Palme) is a town and comune in northeastern Italy. It is one of the fantastic travel destinations in Friuli Venezia Giulia
With a territory that stretches between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the most diverse regions of Italy. Beautiful art cities, hearty food, incredible variety of native grapes, and plenty of outdoor activity options...
A rendering of the exterior of the new Italian American Museum
On Sunday, November 12, the Italian American Museum hosted its “Ambasciatore Awards Ceremony and Dinner” at the Crest Hollow Country Club located in Woodbury, New York. The event was a chance to acknowledge the contributions of various Italians and...
"Boy with a Basket of Fruit" (1593-4)
From November 21, 2017 until February 18, 2018, Los Angeles’ Getty Center will be showcasing three of Caravaggio’s paintings in collaboration with Fendi and the Galleria Borghese to support the construction of the Caravaggio Research Institute.
Italian Americans during the rally. Photo Credit: Riccardo Chioni
With flags, scarves, and tri-colored handkerchiefs, approximately 50 members of Italian-American organizations took part in Saturday’s rally at Columbus Circle. The following day in Queens marked the first meeting of Mayor de Blasio’s commission...
Alberto Savinio, I re magi (The Wise Men), 1929. Mart – Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto (c) 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS) / SIAE, Rome. Photo: Dario Lasagni
The Center of Italian Modern Art (CIMA) puts ambitious effort towards bringing to international prominence the awe-inspiring yet under-recognized artist, Alberto Savinio. During one of their public programs, i-Italy had the chance to interview one...
Art & Culture

De Gregori Visits Casa Italiana at the Kick Off of His NY Debut

After making his US debut in Boston Nov. 5, Francesco De Gregori arrived in New York on Nov. 6 to perform for the first time. On the night before the show, he stopped by NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for a conversation with Stefano Albertini. FULL VIDEO INSIDE THE ARTICLE
Facts & Stories

NIAF's 42nd Anniversary Gala Honoring the Region of Sicily

This past weekend the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) hosted its 42nd Anniversary Gala, at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. A weekend-long celebration of Italian and Italian-American heritage, traditions, educational talks, food and entertainment with Sicily being the region of honor for this year. NIAF also saluted his President & COO John M. Viola, resigning from his role after six years of exceptional dedication.
Facts & Stories

Elections in Sicily: Walkup to National General Elections

In a regional election Sunday in Sicily, a fledgling center-right coalition trounced the center-left, leaving former Premier Matteo Renzi and his party in deep trouble. The vote is seen as a harbinger of things to come when the nation goes to the polls next March.
Life & People

The New York City Marathon: Italian Spirit, Courage, and Perseverance

Every year the New York City Marathon is an exciting event for more than just New Yorkers. This year’s marathon, held on Sunday November 5th, brought people together from around the world. Honoring Italian runners specifically–3,002 this year #lacaricadei3002–The Consulate General of Italy held a press conference before the marathon on November 2nd for those participating in the 2017 race.
Art & Culture

Pistoletto’s Sphere Rolling down the Streets of Cold Spring, New York

Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto is coming to Magazzino Italian Art on November 4, 2017 to recreate his seminal 1966 performance ‘Walking Sculpture.”
Facts & Stories

Italy and Kenya: New Investment Horizons

The Italian Trade Agency in New York hosted the special investors network event “Italy, Kenya and East Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects,” an important occasion to talk about the new possible investments in the Eastern African countries whose economies are rapidly developing and transforming. The meeting was organized by the A.I.I.K. (Italian Kenyan Industrial Association) and its North American representative Paolo Siniscalco, co-founder of the Italian accounting firm Siniscalco & Partners and Of Counsel with Grassi & Co for the Italian-American markets
Art & Culture

The Babylonian Talmud: A Living Book that Now Speaks Italian

The Italian delegation of the PTTB (The Babylonian Talmud Translation Project) stopped in New York to present their very first Italian translation of the Talmud, a sacred text of Judaism. Key individuals that night were Riccardo Di Segni, Rabbi and head of the Jewish community in Rome, and Clelia Piperno, director of the project and professor of constitutional law at the University of Teramo. An important opportunity to discuss culture and education, in light of what recently happened with Italian soccer fanatics, who have once again become the protagonists of a discriminatory act.
Meet Gabriel A. Battista
Life & People

The Rocky Road to Italian American Success

We’re interviewing Gabriel Battista, former executive chairman of Talk America, named by Ernst & Young as the Greater Washington Area Communications Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004. “Gabe,”as his friends call him, is the co-chair of NIAF and a prominent Italian American leader in the nation’s capital.
Art & Culture

New York Showcases the Work of Amedeo Modigliani After 66 Years

The tremendous interest in the exhibit curated by Mason Klein has forced the museum to stay open for longer hours. “Modigliani Unmasked” is scheduled to last until February 4, 2018.
Life & People

Blauvelt Lodge of The Order Sons of Italy Hosts Plenary Session

The Order Sons of Italy in America is an organization that has been assisting the Italian-American community since the beginning of the twentieth century. This past week, the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America held its quarterly Plenary Session in Blauvelt, New York in order to review important documentation pertaining to the operation of the New York lodges, which have been very active in providing scholarships for college students.
Facts & Stories

Onward and Upward: Italy's Economy on the Mend

For the fifth month in a row the sluggish Italian economy shows signs of improvement. Consumer confidence is on the rise, while unemployed has dropped from a high of 13% to this month's 11.2%.
Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer
Art & Culture

Michelangelo at the MET: A Once in a Lifetime Exhibition

Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer, on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from November 13, 2017, through February 12, 2018
NIAF invites you to celebrate our Italian heritage!
Art & Culture

The Italian-American Legacy to Sparkle at NIAF’s 42nd Gala

Red, White and Green stands proud in the Red, White and Blue for the Italian “party of the year.” The National Italian American Foundation holds its annual Weekend Gala in Washington D.C., Nov. 3 to Nov. 5.
Art & Culture

Citizens at Work to Save the Italian Heritage

Last Sunday volunteers turned out to clean up what had once been a sacred river on the ancient Appian Way, the Almone. Increasingly ordinary citizens are participating in conservation of Italy's extraordinarily rich cultural heritage.
Life & People

Halloween Italian Style

In all the Italian regions in the days between October 31st and the day of Saint Martin (November 11th) is custom to celebrate the juxtaposition of life and death with numerous traditions
Art & Culture

Burri's Posters at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

From October 26 through December 8, 2017, the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosts the exhibition "Burri-Posters", a unique collection that spreads new light on the historiography of Italian artist Alberto Burri's work. During the opening we had the chance to interview Chiara Sarteanesi, current curator of the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri of Città di Castello, the foundation that organized the exhibition along with the sponsors Magazzino Italian Art and entrepreneur Maurice Kanbar.
Art & Culture

Marco Anelli: Building Magazzino

New York's Italian Cultural Institute along with Magazzino Italian Art unveils 24 large-scale photographs of Roman-born, New York-based photographer Marco Anelli - on view until November 2, 2017
Art & Culture

Richard Gere Embodies the Compassion of Italo Calvino

Hosted by New York University’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, Richard Gere, the award-winning Hollywood actor, performed a reading from Italo Calvino’s new English adaptation of 'The Baron in the Trees.' After the lecture the popular actor commented on the book and on his passion for Italian writer Italo Calvino, in conversation with Stefano Albertini, Director of Casa Italiana, and Calvino's daughter, Giovanna Calvino.
Art & Culture

N.I.C.E. Film Festival Celebrates its 27th Edition in the United States

This fall, the New Italian Cinema Events film festival program boasts 27 years in the U.S. with its annual landmark film festival. New York, November 14 - 17, 2017. This year’s New York itinerary premieres downtown at NYU Casa Italiana Zerrilli-Marimò, with a screening of Francesco Carrozzini’s Franca: Chaos and Creation on Tuesday, Nov. 14 (6pm). The documentary serves as a tribute by Carrozzini to his mother Franca Sozzani, the late, pioneering Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia.
Art & Culture

Alessandra Salerno: "Music Found Me!"

From Sicily, “My beautiful cursed cradle,” to America. The artist from Palermo will sing at NIAF’s annual gala, and she will also be a guest of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at the end of November. She’s a young voice between the past and the future. Considered the spiritual winner of “The Voice of Italy 2015,” Salerno’s music is enchanting. As the original interpreter of Rosa Balistrieri, she has a repertoire that includes various genres. She also has a production under her own name. And surprise–she also plays the autoharp: “I began to study it after falling in love with June Carter and Johnny Cash.”
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When Italian film star Sophia Loren arrived to America, she easily managed to impress two men: Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant.

The singular greatness of Italian vermouth is a function of the area’s access to high-quality wine and fresh, vibrant botanicals.

The world’s most ambitious free-trade area is colliding with a surge in economic nationalism.

Italian law enforcement is circling in on Italy's most wanted Mafioso fugitive, executing dozens of search warrants on known associates of Matteo Messina Denaro.

Italy wants Libya’s coastguard to take responsibility within three years for intercepting migrants across about a tenth of the Mediterranean even as Libyan crews struggle to patrol their own coast and are accused of making deadly mistakes at sea.

Overshadowed by powerhouse destinations like Rome and Florence, Modena flies under most travelers’ radars. But given that this northern city is the birthplace of many Italian icons — from balsamic vinegar to Ferrari cars to famed tenor Luciano Pavarotti — there’s no shortage of cultural and culinary riches to discover.

EasyJet has announced 20 new routes for 2018, opening up a number of intriguing options for UK travellers.

Italian Street Food Festival is the perfect combination of picturesque settings, traditional food and festive fun, as trusted Italian born Vincenzo Prosperi takes you on a culinary adventure like no other. 

Naples' Christmas artisans are at it again, turning figures from current events into ceramic characters to decorate miniature Nativity scenes that take over Italian living rooms this time of year.

Italy's Senate gave final approval Thursday to a law allowing Italians to write living wills and refuse artificial nutrition and hydration, the latest step in the Roman Catholic nation's long-running and agonizing debate over euthanasia and end-of-life issues.



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In ItalianoIn Italiano

Rosario Procino(December 09, 2017)
Parla il proprietario della famosa pizzeria di New York, Ribalta. L'arte del pizzaiuolo napoletano è patrimonio culturale dell'Umanità. Il iconoscimento dell'Unesco è alla cultura di una città millenaria, come Napoli che trova la sua...
Luciano Pignataro(December 08, 2017)
Lo scugnizzo è il simbolo delle nuove generazioni di pizzaioli. Quelle che adesso dovranno difendere e mantenere il riconoscimento ottenuto all’Onu. C’è un momento in cui l’arte del pizzaiolo napoletano ha iniziato il suo percorso verso il...

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