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New Jersey Food Vendors Seek Piece of Super Bowl Pie

Johnny Meatballs DeCarlo (September 3, 2013)

"Tailgate" Parking Lot Proposal


With today being Labor Day and also exactly 5 months until the Super Bowl comes to New Jersey, I would like to announce my next entrepreneurial venture—a yet-to-be named organization of street vendors like myself—men and women who utilize towable carts, trailers, catering trucks, or simply tables and tents who create instant street eateries and pop-up dining experiences at various venues. I am at the very early stages in my attempts to personally spearhead this group of independently-owned New Jersey businesses—in particular traveling food concessions such as my company Johnny Meatballs LLC—to assemble and unite for a fair opportunity at being part of the Super Bowl. Food and beverage vending contracts are currently being granted to out-of-state based franchises and “the little guy” (furthermore, the local little guy) faces an insurmountable task of making a living during the week-long Super Bowl schedule of planned activities—many of which revolve around eating and drinking.


Super Bowl XLVIII (48) will take place at MetLife® Stadium (Meadowlands Sports Complex) in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Feb. 2, 2014. New York and New Jersey are the official “co-hosts”—the first time in the NFL where 2 states are sharing hosting duties. Manhattan and other New York boroughs will receive a huge tourism boost with an anticipatory influx of 230,000 spectators. Sports bars in the general vicinity of the Meadowlands will reap some rewards as well as hotels. But will New Jersey’s food concessions—those who travel to feasts, farmers markets, and street fairs—receive a fair “piece of the pie,” especially when arguably the largest sporting event in the world will take place in NEW JERSEY?


Like football, this country is built on competition, but a “street vendor” cannot compete in this game the way things are currently structured and we need media attention to make our voices heard as well as the involvement of influential New Jersey organizations and famous New Jerseyans. I live one mile from MetLife® Stadium but unfortunately, the zoning dept. and health dept. precludes me from converting my home residence into a temporary restaurant to serve sandwiches and catered food to visitors. But that may be my only option if I cannot secure a location for my food cart within a reasonable radius to the game.


I am proposing the specific involvement of the hosting committee to zone a “tailgate” parking lot where myself and other vendors with food carts and tents can set-up for the week leading up to the Super Bowl for a reasonable rate. We are the true representation of the Garden State when it comes to food and serve residents our specialties with pride—which we all eagerly are prepared to do for visiting tourists.


FDU will host “The Conference-The Party,” an event open to any business, community or non-profit organization interested in capitalizing on the economic uplift presented by this influx. For more information, click here:


I am putting together a list of organizations who need to be immediately contacted to where you can help perpetuate the “American Dream” of small business success by expressing your support for the involvement of NEW JERSEY small businesses such as:


NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee

NJ Office of the Governor

North Jersey Media Group

NJ District Small Business Administration

NJ Vendors Directory


If you would like more information or would like to be involved, please contact me at [email protected]

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What is this, a joke?

What is this, a joke?


To bad you wanna shut out NEW YORK, I not only have the cash but the connections to make this happen,