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South of Rome–West of Ellis Island

Pino Aprile’s “Terroni”: All That Has Been Done To Ensure That The Italians of The South Became "Southerners"– a review

Tom Verso (November 3, 2011)
Il Blog di Beppe Grillo – Il Primo Magazine solo on Line

The simultaneous publication of the “Roots and Branches” Chicago Italian American history, and the English translation of “Terroni” is a delicious juxtaposition of the “same’o same’o” nostalgic reminiscences with hopefully a ‘new historiography of the Italian American people’ – a history of our people and culture south of Rome. “Roots” is in-fact NOT about the “roots” of Italian Americans, for our roots are in Italy - south of Rome. Accordingly, “Terroni” is the real history of the “roots” of the Italian American people. Would that our amazingly creative, talented and dedicated Italian American literati read it and finally stop trying to document the minutia of every family dinner, festival and street dance in our 100+ year history; instead ask themselves what is the meaning of the word “Italian” in the phrase “Italian-American”? “Terroni” goes a long way towards answering that question. Mass Media give the Italian American youth “Jersey Shore”, and the Italian American literati give them “Nonna’s Kitchen”. No one gives our youth the “reality” of the profound history and culture they are heir’s too, or the mighty Terroni from which they are descended – no one until Ilaria Marra Rosiglioni and the ILICA foundation brought us the translation of Pino Aprile’s “Terroni”. Let the New Historiography of the Italian American people and culture begin now – with the breathtaking story told in this great book “Terroni”!