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South of Rome–West of Ellis Island

“Out of the Melting Pot” – The Southern-Italian American – To Help or Not!

Tom Verso (August 11, 2011)
From Little Italy to Suburban "Melting Pot"

During the great post-1950s American urban emigration, children and grandchildren of pre-WW I European immigrants abandoned their ‘urban villages’ for the culturally amorphous and homogenous suburban ‘MELTING POTS’. Southern-Italian Americans, following this suburban melting pot trend lost much of their ‘old world’ southern-Italian culture. However, there is evidence of a contemporary nascent Southern-Italian American Renaissance. Southern-Italian Americans seem to be rejuvenating their historic ‘south-of-Rome’ culture. The publication’s functionality and physical location makes it uniquely capable of facilitating this Renaissance. Sadly, instead of rising to the intellectual and ideological challenge of leading the southern-Italian American people back to their glorious historical and cultural roots, it has settled into a chatty pop-culture publication (food, music, shoes, personalities, Berlusconi gossip, northern Italian clichés...). It has defined itself as a virtual magazine on the Internet’s virtual newsstand in the tradition of paper publications one picks up in train stations to read during the morning commute, and then discards.