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    Michele Scicolone(January 16, 2016)
    Steak for dinner makes any meal seem special. A simple pan sauce made with Barolo gives this recipe Italian flair. Tender steaks are quickly sauteed, then topped with a reduction of shallots, red wine, pancetta and balsamic vinegar. The pancetta enriches the sauce and adds texture while the vinegar adds a sweet tart tang.
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    Michele Scicolone(October 14, 2015)
    According to an old story,a Sicilian silversmith whofound himself in financialdifficulties created thisrecipe, which has become aclassic. Trying to keep hispoverty a secret from hisnosy neighbors, he combinedcaciocavallo, atypical SouthernItalian cheese,with seasoningsusually associatedwith meatthat he could nolonger afford.
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    Michele Scicolone(April 23, 2015)
    Tuscans are masters of soup cookery and every town throughout the region has its favorite recipe. Perfect for this time of year, this hearty soup is made with a variety of vegetables and farro, an ancient form of wheat that has been eaten in Tuscany for centuries.
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    Michele Scicolone(December 03, 2014)
    The shoulder is one of the tastiest cuts of pork, but it is often overlooked in favor of leaner cuts like the rib or loin. But for rich flavor and tender texture, nothing is better than a pork shoulder especially when made in the classic Italian way, braised with aromatic veg­etables, rosemary and wine.