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  • Following the success of the pilot edition in 2013, Queens‐based performance company Mare Nostrum Elements, founded by Italian performer Nicola Iervasi and American actor/director Kevin Albert, and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) partnered once again to present ECS#3, the Emerging Choreographer Series 2016. The ECS is a free a professional showcase in the Little Theater @ La Guardia Performing Arts Center in Long Island City, designed to address the challenges of bringing self‐made art to the stage.
  • As In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY winter edition has come to the end of another successful run, i-Italy had a chance to talk about the global language of theater and the importance of foreign theater with its protagonists: Francesco Foti, writer, director and star of “Niuiòrc Niuiòrc” and Dalila Cozzolino, performer in “L’Italia s’è Desta,” written by Rosario Mastrota.
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    Natasha Lardera(February 09, 2016)
    The 5th edition of VINO-Italian Wine Week, the leading Italian wine event to take place in the United States, has officially kicked off and with a bang! Over the course of a week about 200 producers from well known viti-cultural areas are going to present over 1000 wines, spirits and craft beers. VINO also consists of two full days of Grand Tastings, Meet & Greet appointments for producers seeking representation,a series of master classes, guided tastings, workshops and demonstrations.
  • The screenplay of Sicilian Ghost Story, a film penned and to be directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, has won the prestigious Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking Award. The award consists of a considerable amount of money to be used in the actual production of the film that should go in production in the fall of 2016. The film is a fairy tale where the magical world collides with reality.
  • In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, the first Italian theater festival that takes place in the city's five boroughs, is having its first Winter edition. Indeed the international theater festival, launched by Kairos Italy Theater and Kit Italia, that takes place at the beginning of the summer, is adding the dates February 4-7 to its calendar. They are re-presenting two shows that were featured in past editions: “Niuiòrc Niuiòrc” and “L’Italia s’è desta” at hte Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside.
  • In "Isis vs Occidente", Italian sociologist Stefano De Santis focuses on various aspects of the universe of ISIS, from the origins to the key players, the foreign fighters and the role of mass media, the war on terrorism that the Western world is conducting and the risks of our civilization.
  • Hollywood's Award Season sees Italy's favorite living legend, composer Ennio Morricone, win a Golden Globe for his score of Tarantino's The Hateful Eight. The victory is followed by a nomination at the Academy Awards. Oscar buzz has also brought attention to Italian-German director, Giulio Ricciarelli whose film, Labyrinth of Lies, was among the films that made the December shortlist of nine films for the Foreign Film category at this year's Academy Awards. The film wasn't nominated but it still was a small victory.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Natasha Lardera(December 30, 2015)
    The latest data from Coldiretti, Italy's leading organization of farmers, says that for the end of year festivities 190 million bottles of Prosecco, bubbly made in Italy, will be uncorked all over the world. Coldiretti speaks of a record breaking amount of bottles: there has been an increase of 13% of bottles exported abroad only in the first nine months of 2015 as Prosecco has become Italy's sparkling wine that is most cherished outside of the country.
  • Directed by Simone Aleandri and Produced by Clipper Media with Rai Cinema, the documentary Sono Cosa Nostra celebrates the 20years ofLibera,anetworkof over 1600 associations fighting against all types of Mafias. Libera wasfounded by Don Ciotti, a priest from Turin, in 1995 and it uses land and assets seized from the Mafia to set up local food cooperatives, anti­drug projects, and community centers. Libera was also fundamental in the passing oflaw 109 which allowsthe seizure of assets belonging the Mafia.
  • Antonio Pietrangeli: A Retrospective explores the filmmaker’s career from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s. It features 11 films, from Pietrangeli’s best-known work to a number of rediscoveries. As a major father of the Commedia all'Italiana genre and a leading figure of Neorealism, Pietrangeli explored the ever changing role of women in Italian society after the fall of Fascism. They have to deal with a new freedom that is attractive yet at the same time ambiguous and somewhat dangerous.