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  • Most Italian-Italians, the ones from Italy, that is, always seem to be curious as to how we Italian-Americans are perceived by others in America. With all the news they’ve heard of Italian stereotypes in America, like the ones put forward in “The Godfather,” “The Sopranos,” “Mafia Wars,” and “The Jersey Shore,” I understand what they expect.
  • Los Angeles's Little Italy
    Art & Culture
    Darrell Fusaro(February 25, 2010)
    Author Marianna Gatto likens tracing the history of Italians in Los Angeles to that of “chasing ghosts,” since much of the history hasn’t been preserved
  • By all accounts the very first HitWeek L.A. was a success. Americans were treated to artists and performers of which maybe only a few have even heard of prior to the festival, one of which being Franco Battiato at the 499-seat Broad Stage theatre in Santa Monica, CA. Those who experienced any one of the thirty events organized for the occasion are right now probably sharing their new discovery with their friends
  • (H)itweek launches at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles Tuesday night, October 13. Six days and nights of Music, Cinema, Fashion, Design, Food and Travel itineraries, Motorcycles Extravaganza, Dj Set and Parties in the name of the hippest Italian way of life. "We want to show that Italy is not just... mandolino," says organizer Francesco Del Maro.
  • San Gennaro in Los Angeles
    Life & People
    Darrell Fusaro(October 04, 2009)
    Frankie Competelli, born on New York City’s renowned Mulberry Street in Little Italy, is one of those pioneers who helped bring the Feast of San Gennaro to L.A. While they were celebrating its 8th edition late last month, October was being proclaimed as Italian Heritage Month by the City of Los Angeles, the fifth metropolitan area in the US with the highest number of Italians.