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Articles by: Alessandro Cassin

  • Courtesy of Guanda
    Marco Belpoliti has crowned his decades long critical engagement with Levi with an ambitious new book, Primo Levi di fronte e di profilo (Primo Levi: Front and Side-View), Guanda, Milano, 2015, that approaches its subject from a plurality of perspectives. Printed_Matter discussed this impressive genre-bending book, at present available only in Italian, with the author. --- NOV 1, TUE, h 5:30 pm at the Italian Academy at Columbia University (1161 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027). SYMPOSIUM - A Fresh View: Primo Levi's COMPLETE WORKS. A dialogue between Ann Goldstein and Marco Belpoliti, editors of Levi in 2015-2016
  • “One evening in May 1948, my mother went to a party in New York with her first husband and left it with her second, my father.” So begins the passionate and stormy union of Mikhail Kamenetzki, aka Ugo Stille, one of Italy’s most celebrated journalists, and Elizabeth Bogert, a beautiful and charming young woman from the Midwest "The Force of Things" by Alexander Stille follows two families across the twentieth century—one starting in czarist Russia, the other starting in the American Midwest—and takes them across revolution, war, fascism, and racial persecution, until they collide at mid-century.
  • Interview with Carlo Spartaco Capogreco, professor at the Università della Calabria and president of Fondazione Ferramonti, which is dedicated to preserving the memory of the largest Jewish internment camp in Southern Italy. Focusing on little-known, complex, and often overlooked realities of Fascist internment in its different varieties, Capogreco dispels many myths about Mussolini’s dictatorship
  • On November 4, Lia Levi will present her book 'The Jewish Husband' at the Center for Jewish History in New York. It provides a poignant reflection on the far-reaching consequences of Mussolini's anti-Jewish legislation of 1938. It illustrates the way fiction can serve as emotionally powerful shorthand for biographical memory and historical accounts...