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The Reality of a Bridge

Edvige Giunta (May 23, 2014)
President Laura Boldrini with Mr. Vincent Maltese

President Boldrini Pays Tribute to the Memory of the Victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. "And I return to that stirring image: a major Italian political leader standing together with a descendant of Italian immigrants from over a century ago, sharing the work of mourning and remembering, as Italian and Italian American."

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Laura Boldrini

Professor Giunta's comments about Boldrini are spot on: There was indeed "nothing tired or rehearsed about her speech." Indeed, as Giunta added, it was "political in the best sense of the word." I had the privilege to accompany her to Ellis Island. She proved to be extremely approachable, empathetic to what she witnessed and heard from some of us, and, most of all, truly interested in all and everything. And so while others may wish that all Italian officials who visit emulate her, I say that the self-proclaimed leaders of Italian America should take a cue from her comportment. Then, perhaps, we might have a community that suffers less from envy and back-stabbing and, conversely, is able to move forward in a much more productive manner.

Troppo gentile!

Troppo gentile! Bisogna pure aggiungere che finché non si mettano a parte codesti invidiosi di vecchio stampo, questa attuale vecchia gerarchia — auto-installata e auto-referenziale — continuerà ad investire la comunità italiana qui negli States di un fetore insopportabile.